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National Statistical System Strategic Plan 2019-2023

The 2019/20 to 2022/23 National Statistical System Strategic Plan is the Third of the National Statistical System Strategic Plans developed for the sectors in Malawi. The primary objective of the Strategic Plan is to guide the work of the National Statistical System in meeting the demand for coordinated, harmonized, relevant, timely, quality and accessible statistical information and services in the next four years. Statistics are needed for evidence-based decision and policymaking and to provide quantitative measures of development progress.

This Strategic Plan presents the vision, mission, core values, strategic objectives and strategies that will guide the operations of the NSS over the next four years. While the goal of this NSS Strategic Plan is to develop a National Statistical System that responds to current and emerging data needs in addressing contemporary national and international development challenges, the challenge is to maintain the vision of achieving a coordinated National Statistical System providing quality official statistics.

The passing of the National Statistics Act, 2013 by Parliament enhances the authority of the National Statistical Office (NSO) to coordinate and manage the NSS. The Act establishes and empowers the NSS: raise public awareness about the importance of statistical data; collect, process, analyze and disseminate quality statistics in a coordinated and timely manner; promote the use of best practices in statistical production, management and dissemination; and promote the use of statistical information for evidence-based policy design, monitoring and evaluation and decision making.

This Strategic Plan has five strategic objectives that will guide the development of official statistics within the National Statistical System over the years. The first is to strengthen and coordinate the National Statistical System. The second is to enhance statistical capacity across the NSS. The third is to provide quality statistics for evidence-based decision making. The fourth is to enhance dissemination and promote the use of statistical products, including Management Information Systems, for statistical purposes. The fifth is to mobilize adequate resources for the implementation of the Strategic Plan.


National Statistical System Strategic Plan 2019-2023

National Statistical System Strategic Plan 2017-2022

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